3 Reasons You Should Get Zyto Scanning Today!

As you get older your body changes. When this happens it can be hard to tell from just an eye level. Also what changes are there and how can you be sure? This is where the Zyto tool can help! This non-invasive technology helps us assess the changes that happen to your body over time. So, how does Zyto scanning work?

By using GSR, Zyto scanning is a quick and painless process. GSR stands for galvanic skin response and is the process by which your body is tested for the electrical resistance of skin caused by emotional stress. One interesting fact is that GSR is also used in lie-detector tests. By testing at only a skin level, we are able to evaluate the changes in your body and recommend the right supplements to help keep you healthy.

There are many reasons to get a Zyto Scan. One of these is tracking your overall wellness. Many people have invested in wearable technology that is able to track things such as number of steps, heart rate, calories burned, etc. The Zyto scan is capable of doing things very similarly. This scan is able to track wellness factors over time. The data that has been tracked from past Zyto scans can also be important. This will allow us to see trends or patterns of certain problems as time goes on.

Zyto scans can also help you achieve your goals in whatever area of health you want to focus on. This is because Zyto software can be categorized in different wellness areas. With that being said, you can only scan for certain categories that are relevant to you and the goals that you have for yourself and us! For example, if you are working on dealing with anxiety, the Zyto scan will be able to help narrow down a list of products that are relevant to helping you cope with anxiety.

The last of our reasons for getting a Zyto scan is for testing how effective the supplements you are taking really are. It is useful to know whether or not the supplements you are taking are really having an affect. This can be useful to see how well your body reacts to certain supplements and if they are not effective, new supplements can be introduced and retested at a later time. Since Zyto scanning is a non-intrusive test, retesting will be easy to do.

As you can see, Zyto scanning is a useful tool that can help guide you to a healthier life. At D’Brant Infinite Wellness, we provide Zyto scanning right in our office! If you feel like you are in need of Zyto scanning, we will be able to help. We will send you an email with the full color report of your Zyto scan which can run from 8 to 20 plus pages depending on the scan you have done.  This is a great way to see for yourself how your health is.  After the scanning, we will also be able to provide you with the right supplements to get your health back on track.

To schedule a Zyto scan for you and your family please contact us today at (516) 609-0890 or visit drdbrant.com