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Report from the Naval Expo

Report from the Naval Expo


In Regards To Your Health

The October 29-30th Navel Expo just finished and I can say without a doubt that this may have been the most engaging and well-received expo to date.  I got the opportunity to speak to different audiences three times over the course of 2 days.  First on Saturday for a shorter talk on Liver and Whole Body Detoxification, which was filmed and twice on Sunday.   The Sunday lectures were a longer version of the Detoxification talk and one on Adrenal Exhaustion and how it may be making you tired, stressed out and overweight.  Adrenal exhaustion may be the greatest undiagnosed epidemic in our world today, affecting millions of people.

My goal in all of these lectures is to empower people and to inspire them.  In my opinion when people are empowered they make decisions from a greater base of knowledge and when they are inspired they make choices that will help make their lives healthier and move towards infinite wellness.

The audiences for all of these lectures were curious, responsive, and asking lots of great questions.  Hundreds of people also stopped by our booth to sample the detoxification shakes (OptiCleanse GHI), blood sugar stabilization shakes (OptiMetabolix) and the newest member of our shake family, Bone Broth Protein Shakes.  The Bone Broth Protein shakes are a great idea because they provide 20 grams of protein derived from chicken bones combined with some natural flavors such as Banana Cream, Cinnamon-Apple, Greens, Turmeric, Pure, Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee!  One of the best things about these shakes besides being delicious is that they contain large amounts of type II collagen, glucosamine and chondrotin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and gelatin making them effective for strengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body; helping restore, rehab and lubricate the joints, repair the lining of our digestive organs and act as a anti-aging formula for the whole body!
While they were at the booth people also got to do “mini’ Zyto” scans which help give immediate insight into what nutritional products will help bring them into balance.  These fifteen minute sessions were very popular once again proved by the people waiting in line.  This also shows how curious people are for more knowledge about what will help make them feel more alive and energized.
I am convinced more than ever that people are genuinely questing for help in regards to their health.  Not just on the physical level, but really on the emotional and spiritual levels as well.  We are hurting as a people and as a nation.  People are seeing that their health is not what it should be and the conventional medical system simply isn’t responding with anything but the latest drug interventions for the most part.
People want answers that help them find a way towards greater well being, not just as a response to a disease but more from wanting help when their bodies aren’t functioning well and experiencing “dis-ease”.  I use this term because as we all know illness just doesn’t descend on us one day out of the clear blue sky, rather it has been building in our bodies for days, months and years during which we may experience some symptoms of discomfort, pain or dis-ease in our bodies or not.

The time to intervene isn’t when a full blown diagnosis of diabetes, lupus or cancer is at hand, but rather precisely at the time when we sense our bodies aren’t working the way they should.  They aren’t functioning the way a healthy system does and we recognize it on some level.  This is what I saw in the eyes, the questions and the hearts of the people at this expo more than I have ever seen before.  As a practitioner with over 40 years experience this is tremendously exciting for me!  People are getting the message finally that health is not the absence of disease, instead they are recognizing that health is a state of balance between the well functioning physical, spiritual, emotional and mental aspects that make up the sum of every human being.
If you would like assistance on your journey to a more completely health state of being, I welcome your call or contact at 516 609 0890 or   Here is to a life of infinite wellness for us all!

Yours in infinite wellness,
Dr. Garry D’Brant