L.T., Sea Cliff, NY

L.T., Sea Cliff, NY:

A Wonderful Doctor at Last!

I was in bad shape. I knew I had an adrenal/thyroid issue. I was on Armour Thyroid (a synthetic hormone) but still felt lethargic. I was shaking and burping and my left eye was twitching. I also had digestive issues and wasn’t sleeping well at all. I suffered from anxiety and was fearful of other people. I was jumpy and couldn’t focus or process what people were saying to me. I often had nightmares and suffered from periods of alternating heat and cold in my body. I was continually nervous and had considerable nausea as well. To say that I had a deteriorating quality of life would be an understatement. I didn’t know what was going on. My short term memory was gone. I was desperate and had gone to many MDs without much success.

So I went on the internet and found Dr. Garry D’Brant. Before making an appointment, I read his blog and listened to a radio interview he did on adrenal fatigue. I also learned that he has been helping people for 30 years with adrenal/thyroid hormonal issues … I felt like he might be able to help me. After just one month of working with Dr. D’Brant, I have seen many differences in how I feel. My eye doesn’t twitch, I have some energy, I am not shaking and my digestive issues have gone away. I also have less nightmares, I am sweating a lot less, and I’m not as nervous. Additionally I can focus more easily and process information a lot better.

Although I realize that healing at this level is a process and it will take much more time, I know I am on the right road to recovery. I would recommend Dr. D’Brant to anyone who is having issues with being tired, stressed out and having a lot of different symptoms that are often related to hormone imbalance. He is a very compassionate person and will help, but you must be willing to give it your all. Like I said, it’s a process and it takes time. But it’s your life, so it’s worth it!


Sea Cliff, NY