D.C., East Norwich, NY

D.C., East Norwich, NY:

My name is D.C.  I am a dog trainer.  Approximately 3 months before I met Dr. D’Brant I had fallen on my left knee. A year prior to that, I had meniscus surgery on that knee. Following surgery I had physical therapy, I knew from previous experience the very first thing I had to do was ice it, 20 mins on, 20 min off. It didn’t seem to help much.

Over the past few months I tried everything I remembered from physical therapy and mild stretching to electric stim and ultra sound, but no matter what I did, nothing seemed to help. I went to a orthopedic surgeon and had an MRI done. The report said mild meniscus tear and muscle tone deterioration. I was not a candidate for surgery. The orthopedic doctor told me to exercise my knee daily to strengthen it, but the exercise alone was not helping the pain. The pain was effecting my business. I was unable to drive comfortably and the dog training seem to make the pain worse.

I met Dr. D’Brant through a friend who had been successfully treated by him. After taking a full history, doing an examination, and looking at my MRI, Dr. D’Brant gave me a homeopathic anti-inflammatory, a homeopathic  product called relief tone, and a roll on for temporary relief of the pain. That very same day, he started re-aligning my lower back and neck, which were both a mess from overcompensating for my knee. Then Dr. D’Brant worked on my knee with his new technology, wireless acupuncture. Dr. D’Brant also recommended some other stretching exercises I could do at home.

I am happy to report that after only a few weeks of treatment with Dr. D’Brant my knee is doing so much better. This past weekend I was able to do 20 dog trainings in three days with little discomfort. After months of pain and discomfort prior to meeting Dr. D’Brant, I am finally feeling better and able to work full time again.

I can’t thank you enough, Dr. D’Brant!!