D.S., Merrick, NY

D.S., Merrick, NY:

“Last summer I completed a 28 day detox under the guidance of Dr D’Brant. As a 50 year old woman, I was troubled by feeling hormonally imbalanced, had gained weight, and felt almost constantly fatigued with lessened mental clarity in spite of having become reliant on coffee to get through the day. Because I also experienced severe sugar cravings and felt it a struggle to exercise, I knew it was time to do something significant other than start yet another deprivation “diet”. I was ready to make changes but also knew I was more likely to be successful with the support and structure of a tailored individualized protocol. Dr D’Brant carefully selected a program he felt best met my specific needs which included supplements and shakes used according to a titrated schedule. I also received individual and group support and nutritional guidance along the way to help me stay focused and motivated.

As expected, the first week was most difficult. The caffeine and sugar withdrawal were uncomfortable where I experienced headaches and some mild nausea. Drinking plenty of water was helpful, as was being patient with the process. I trusted that the discomfort from cleansing was both necessary and temporary and, as predicted, improvement soon came. I selected an assortment of flavored shakes- all sweetened with stevia. They were surprisingly delicious and satisfying. I alternated using unsweetened almond milk or water, depending on my level of hunger. Often I added frozen berries for variety. Being careful with food was essential- I eliminated caffeine, all processed foods, refined sugar, wheat, and most dairy products other than unsweetened yogurt. I ate mostly salads, veggies and lean protein in addition to the shakes.

Best of all, was having zero sense of deprivation. After the first few days, it was a pleasure. I loved not thinking about what to make for lunch! The cravings for poor quality foods vanished because the shakes were so delicious and nutritionally complete. The nutrients and supplements I took added to a growing sense of feeling lighter and healthier. Soon, my energy level began to soar, along with improved mental clarity and a lifted lighter mood. I resumed exercising and felt happier and more enthusiastic, and comfortably lost a total of 12 pounds. It was an excellent way to jump start a healthy lifestyle, and I highly recommend doing it!”