D.P., Glen Head, NY

D.P., Glen Head, NY

I met Dr. D’Brant when my husband called to make an appt for me.  I was in horrible low back pain and my husband  actually cancelled the appt because I couldn’t move.  The pain was so severe that I couldn’t stand or move at all.  I was in real agony.

When we heard back from Dr. D’Brant, he asked if it would be ok if he came to the house since I couldn’t move or stand on my feet to get to him.  My husband was amazed that anyone would do that   Dr. D’Brant came to my house and my husband brought him up to our bedroom where I was lying on my side, on the floor wedged in between  the bed and the wall.  There was so much pain that I couldn’t do anything or even move so that he could look at me.

Dr. D’Brant was very calm and just sat next to me and talked to me a little.  He asked if it would be alright if he put his hands on my back where it hurt and I said yes.  He assured me that whatever he did would be very gentle and that I could tell him if it hurt.  Honestly, I didn’t think it could hurt worse than it already did so I told him to go ahead.

I don’t know how to describe what happened next, but after a short while of his gentle and healing touch he asked if I thought I could move and I said I would try.  I was able to lie flat on my stomach and he continued with his light touch.  Within a half hour he was able to get me to the point that I thought I could stand.  And I did!  He had performed a miracle on me!

There was no way that I thought I would be able to move much less stand and walk on my own.  It is several weeks now since that first meeting and I continue to improve to the point that I have gone back to work.  My pain is only a 2  now on a scale of 1 to 10 when it was a 12 at the time Dr. D’Brant first saw me.

Dr D’Brant is helping me in other ways in my life regarding diet, exercise and nutritional supplements  that will help me feel even better.  I am bringing in other members of my family and friends now because I want them to experience the wonderful care that I am receiving .


Glen Head, N.Y.