K.S., Sea Cliff, NY

K.S., Sea Cliff, NY

Dr. D’Brant is simply the best. His skillful, gentle care has brought me to a whole new level of wellness.

I began visiting D’Brant Chiropractic years ago, after a longstanding condition coupled with a sudden neck injury left me feeling as if a sheet of razorblades separated my head from my shoulders–the pain was intractable and immobilizing.

Dr. Garry’s adjustment brought immediate relief, and over the next several weeks I experienced total improvement. With regular treatment, my body is far more fluid and flexible, free of pain. His expertise in all aspects of Eastern medicine and holistic nutrition make his practice the most complementary and comprehensive that a patient can find.

He brings all his knowledge–and all his humanity–to bear in each situation, at each visit.

I can’t thank him enough!

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