M.S., Sea Cliff, NY

M.S., Sea Cliff, NY:

Dear Doctor D’Brant,

I want to share some incredible news with you.

For approximately 10 years my internist had asked me to go on a statin drug to lower my cholesterol which has consistently been in the slightly elevated range of 220 to 240 versus “Normal ” of 200 maximum. I have always refused this advice as I have reservations about the potentially negative side effects of these drugs.

I just got the blood test results from my annual physical and was astounded to see that after 3 months of nutritional shakes, supplements and adrenal support it came back at 198!  This is my lowest cholesterol number ever.

In addition to losing 15 lbs and dropping my body fat by 9 %, I have a noticeably improved sense of physical well being.

Finally, my constant indigestion has disappeared and my wife reports that I no longer snore.  I cannot thank you enough for helping me make these positive changes to my lifestyle and personal health.


Sea Cliff, NY