R.B., East Williston, NY

R.B., East Williston, NY:

It gives me great pleasure to enlighten other people in need of all round good health care about Dr. D’Brant and the services he provides.  For many years , Dr. D’Brant has brough excellent cures for my many health problems.  I have had vision problems (one such as dry-eye) that optometrists or opthamologists gave me no hope of improving or relieving.  Perhaps they couldn’t help me, but Dr. D’Brant has almost completely relieved the condition, without addition of new glasses or the expense of endless searching for other specialists’ opinions.

I had a documented case of spinal stenosis and several herniated discs that are usually only corrected with surgery.  Dr. D’Brant’s treatments have saved me from having to endure that experience.  Not only am I free of pain completely, but his treatments have allowed me to live not only normally but also vigorously.

I have had back problems over many years that have been corrected by Dr. D’Brant that have added vitality well beyond my years, to the surprise and envy of my friends.

I can recommend wholeheartedly, Dr. D’Brant for anyone who needs intelligent, compassionate and friendly health care.

Thank you, Dr. D’Brant, from my family and me.

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