RC, Glen Head, NY

When I first came to see Dr. D’Brant I was hardly able to walk down the hall and into his office, I was in that much pain.  I am 82 years old and I have previously gone to physical therapy (about three months) for the pain in my left low back and hip.  This pain ran down to my knee and made it really painful to put any pressure on that knee so walking has become very difficult.  I didn’t get any help from the three months of PT and I guess I was resigned to being in pain for the rest of my life.

Dr. D’Brant, who takes care of my nieces children examined me and was able to locate places in my low back and hips that were misaligned on the very first visit.  I remember getting off the adjusting table after my first treatment and being genuinely surprised that I could stand and walk with very little discomfort!

I have been to see Dr. D’Brant for a total of four adjustments and the change in my pain is remarkable  I am walking with almost no pain, feel much more mobile in general and am excited at what lies ahead.  Dr. D’Brant is also working on my neck which has been stiff and painful as well.  He has helped me understand that my whole spine and body are involved in what has been happening

Dr. D’Brant has suggested that we work on my weight, stretching and getting more active in general.  I am looking forward to feeling better, regaining my ability to walk without pain and making other changes to upgrade my health.

RC, Glen Head

March 8, 2017