R.M., Glen Cove, NY

R.M., Glen Cove, NY:

Hello, Dr. D’Brant. I would like to share my personal success story to post on your website.

For years I had suffered from sciatica. In the beginning of summer 2013, I was in really bad shape, to the point that the condition threatened my job.

My wife came across Dr. D’Brant’s office online. She called and explained my very dire condition. Dr. D’Brant’s staff was able to promptly schedule me in on short notice—that same day at 6 pm. Amazing. Upon entering his office, I felt an immediate sense of positive energy, a serene vibe. The feng shui decor was a breath of fresh air, as this is an all-too-common area that is overlooked.

I was, and have always been, greeted very warmly by Dr. D’Brant and his very friendly and patient staff. After just the first session, I can say without any reservations that Dr. D’Brant is the finest holistic chiropractor I have ever had the pleasure and luck to be treated by. I say luck simply because I have to admit that it is very hard to find such a knowledgeable, capable, and genuinely caring chiropractor all in one. Dr. D’Brant is so much more than a standard chiropractor, though; he is very much an excellent holistic doctor and is capable of offering real world solutions to any number of conditions. As a part of the initial evaluation, a complete list of conditions were listed that he could personally diagnose and treat.

I walked in with terrible sciatica, advanced psoriasis, chronic inflammation, a really bad stiff neck and a tired sense of well being due to all the pain I lived with day in and day out. And now, after only four months and only ten visits, the sciatica and stiff neck are non-existent, the inflammation is down to a very small percentage, and my psoriasis isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be. It’s continuing to improve. I will soon be progressing to a complete kit to cleanse and detoxify my body to further eliminate the psoriasis. I am also very happy to say that I am over all much more happy and carefree, which is a direct result of Dr. D’Brant’s extensive knowledge and attention to detail in treating my conditions.

Lastly, I work very close to Manhattan, live on Long Island, and work late hours. There have been times when I just have not been able to make my scheduled appointments due to traffic and workload. Normally, this would be an issue with any other office, but Dr. D’Brant and his staff have always been super, super patient and extremely accommodating to me and my very hectic life. This alone is invaluable and gives me peace of mind to know that I am understood, not judged, and always feel genuinely welcomed.

All this and more are the reasons I personally recommend Dr. D’Brant for any and all conditions.


Glen Cove, NY