X.T., New Hyde Park, NY

X.T.,  New Hyde Park, NY:

When I first came to see Dr. D’Brant, I was feeling very tired, stressed out, anxious and having a hard time sleeping. I noticed that even when I did get a night’s sleep, I didn’t feel rested and that I was having some pretty big mood swings.

Dr. D’Brant analyzed what was happening to me by doing some testing to see what state my adrenal hormones were in. He found that they were out of balance and that they were affecting my other hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

He recommended a program to restore my adrenal health, which consisted of lifestyle modifications, nutritional changes and supplementation.

I can say without reservation that I am feeling SO much better after over two months following his recommendations. I am sleeping through the night for the most part and better yet I feel rested when I wake up. I have a lot more energy and I feel more balanced emotionally. This feels a whole lot like I used to feel before my hormones went out of balance.

I am a happy person now. Thank you Dr. D’Brant!