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AntiDepressants and NSAIDs

AntiDepressants and NSAIDs


Both the use of anti-depressants and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) have risen sharply in the US in the last several decades.  Up until now there haven’t been any studies about the interactions of these drugs when they are taken by the same person.

A retrospective study (a study looking back over data already accumulated) was conducted using information from the Korean nationwide health insurance database of 4,145, 226 people who were treated with anti-depressants with or without NSAIDs.  The findings are startling in that the researchers found a significantly higher risk of intracranial hemorrhage (bleeding that occurs within the skull which is potentially lethal) during the 30 day period among patients being treated with antidepressants and NSAIDs compared with those patients treated with antidepressants without NSAIDs.

The study also revealed that there were no significant differences in the increased intracranial hemorrhage risk between classes of antidepressants.  The risk remained the same whether a person was taking a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRIs) (eg;  Effexor, Cymbalta, Pristiq), selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) (eg; Prozac, Lexapro, Celexa, Zoloft,  Paxil) or a tricyclic antidepressant (eg: Eleval, Tofranil, Elavil).

The researchers noted that the findings are of particular significance because of the large number of people who are frequently using both type of drugs.  They write  “Most worryingly, conditions requiring NSAIDs and antidepressants commonly coexist; 65% of adults with major depression also have chronic pain, with both morbidities sharing common psychological risk factors and neurobiological processes,”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reports that 11% of Americans are taking antidepressants.  Furthermore this number is on a steep incline with the rate of antidepressant use in the US going up 400% from 1988 to 2008!  More than 70 million prescriptions for NSAIDs are written each year in the US.  Combine this with the over the counter sales of NSAIDs and the total comes to over 30 billion doses of NSAIDs being consumed annually in the US.

As these numbers are surely going to increase the likelihood of interaction between these two classes of drugs is only going to increase as well.  The risk then of potentially fatal intracranial hemorrhage will increase right along with the increased usage of these two classes of drugs.

These statistics about increasing drug use for both depression and pain and the risk of drug interactions only indicated the need for more research being done on less potentially harmful natural remedies for these conditions.

The answer to depression, pain and many other conditions does not lie in searching for new and better drugs but rather in trying to find out what is at the cause, the root of the problems causing symptoms of pain and depression.  Finding natural methods of relieving stress, detoxifying the body and creating balance in body, mind and spirit will yield results in my opinion that are more satisfying and less toxic than our current drug approach.

If you would like help finding balance between body, mind and spirit feel free to contact me at or 516 609 0890.


Yours in infinite wellness,

Dr. Garry D’Brant

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Does Constipation Have You Down


When I take a history with a new patient, I always ask them how their bowel movements (bm) are. Many people don’t want to discuss their bowel habits and will tell me quickly how regular they are.

What I find out by questioning them a little more is that regular often means going one time daily in the morning and it is almost always after their morning coffee.

From my perspective they are constipated for several reasons. Firstly, they are only having one bm a day which is not ideal. The naturopathic, Chinese and Ayurvedic philosophies generally all suggest that bowel movements are correlated with meals, which means that if you eat three meals daily it is good to have a bm shortly after each meal.

Secondly, a lot of those one time a day bowel movements occur after drinking a cup of coffee which often acts like a laxative for the bowels. Withdraw the coffee and watch what happens. Invariably that person who is no longer using coffee as a bowel stimulant will wind up having to struggle to go once a day and may find that they are going every second or third day at best.

I usually suggest several methods to help invigorate a sluggish or constipated system. Here is a list of my ten favorite methods which I find most helpful to patients having a constipation problem.

1. Eat more fiber. Each meal should have good sources of fiber in it like avocado, berries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, chia seeds, ground flax seeds and hemp seeds. Fiber helps eliminate waste in the digestive system, slows the emptying of food from our stomachs and supports healthy gut flora (bacteria).

2. Drink lots of healthy, alkaline water. Each person has a slightly different need for water which is often dependent on activity level. A general rule of thumb would be to consume one and a half liters daily. An important consideration in drinking water is to make sure it is alkaline and whether or not it is actually getting into your cells by crossing the cell membrane. This is something I test for in my office, because if the water is not getting into your cells then it is parking outside the cell and may cause bloating and fatigue.

3. Eat more foods with prebiotics and probiotics in them. Prebiotic foods have a lot of fiber in them and act as food for probiotics, both of which go a long way to making a happy and regular colon. Foods containing prebiotics include, raw asparagus, raw Jerusalem artichoke, raw chicory, raw dandelion greens, raw garlic, raw leeks, raw and cooked onions. Probiotic rich foods include apple cider vinegar, fermented vegetables, kimchi, kombucha and sauerkraut.

4. Use herbs and spices in your cooking. Herbs and spices have been used for thousands of years to help maintain a healthy and active digestive system. Here are some of my personal favorite ones that help the organs of digestion and elimination (stomach, spleen, colon, kidney and liver), basil, black pepper, cayenne, clove, coriander seeds, cumin, ginger, oregano, rosemary and turmeric.

5. Work using a standing desk. Sitting all day behind a desk is not good for you for a whole variety of reasons. However, it is particularly bad for you after you have just eaten a meal which can result in slower digestion because of organ compression. This is in turn can lead to constipation.

6. Create a routine. I find this particularly helpful in the morning. Start your day off with a cup of warm water, apple cider vinegar, ginger, cayenne and a touch of stevia. This should be taken upon rising. Wait to eat for at least ten minutes before eating a breakfast smoothie or shake made from OptiMetabolix which will help provide needed protein and balance your blood sugar.

7. Meditation and breathing. How we start our days is vitally important to setting the tone for the whole day. This is also true for creating an atmosphere of letting go of the old and making room to receive the new. When we take long, deep breaths we are allowing energy to flow through us and we will remain relaxed and open instead of tight and closed. Which way of being do you think will invite easy and complete bowel movements?

8. Massage your digestive acupuncture and reflex points. There is one area between the small and large intestine, called the ileocecal valve which often goes into spasm not allowing for partially digested food to move through to the colon thereby not allowing for full elimination. This point can be found on the right side of the body on a diagonal between the top of the hip and belly button. Also massage Large Intestine 4 acupoint located in the webbing between the thumb and next finger. You will often find a nubby feeling there and when you rub it, the energy will move more easily through the colon.

9. Take a magnesium supplement. Magnesium is a muscle and nervous system relaxant, therefore making it one of the go to minerals for easing constipation. Please use magnesium in the form of magnesium amino acid chelate which seems to work well for this purpose. Also it is important to remember that all vitamins are not created equal and that a pharmaceutical grade magnesium will react very differently than a cheaper quality one.

10. Eat enough healthy fat each day. Much of the intestinal lining (walls) is made up of fat. Healthy fats from sources such as avocados, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, olive oil and oily fish will help lubricate the intestinal lining and prevent constipation. It is important to remember that up to 90% of our immune system exists in our intestines.

Therefore, it is critically important that we maintain a free and easily moving bowel in order to help prevent the onset of many diseases.

If you have been having problems with constipation and would like help for you or your family, please contact me at 516 609 0890 or at

Yours in infinite wellness,

Dr. Garry D’Brant

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Are They In Your Supplements?

The 10 Most Toxic Ingredients in Natural Supplements and Vitamins. Many people tell me that they are confused about taking supplements.  They know they should be taking some form of “natural” supplement because they realize that their diet isn’t always what it should be and vitamins provide some “insurance” against dietary deficiencies.  The problem for many people is how do we determine if a vitamin is high quality, safe and readily absorbable.  For the average consumer this can be a daunting task between all of the label  claims and a host of words on those same labels that people can’t even pronounce much less understand what they mean.

Here are some of the worst, most toxic things that are found in almost all of the “natural” vitamins found across the gamut of the internet, health food stores, discount buying clubs and various other sundry sources.  Vitamins, like cars, clothes and every other consumer product have a wide variety of quality and reliability.  Unlike other consumer products these go in your body and can have a profound effect on your health if you are not careful about the potential toxins and poor production methods in making these vitamins.

List of 10 ingredients

1.Acrylamide – a strong carcinogen (cancer-causing) ingredient produced most commonly in the cooking of carbohydrates.  Things like french fries, potatoe chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, etc.  They don’t have to be listed on labels because they are technically not ingredients.   Consumption of acrylamides increases kidney cancer risk by 59%. How they find their way into vitamins is through the fact that many vitamins such as vitamin C are made from GM (genetically modified) corn which has to be heated in order to be processed.


2.Aluminum – high levels of aluminum are found in some common “detox” products in the market today.  Detoxification has become quite a popular trend in the natural supplement/food industry and consumers need to be wary of buying products just by reading the labels.  One such products was Adya Clarity, a liquid detox product that was found to have alarmingly high levels of aluminum in it.  The company mislabeled its product and did not include the fact that it had over 1200ppm of aluminum in it.  The company was forced to stop distribution, issue recalls and provide over 1 million dollars in refunds.  Unfortunately untold cases of aluminum contamination had already occurred.


3.Arsenic and lead in Chinese herbal products – high levels of these dangerous contaminants are routinely found in Chinese food, herbal and supplement products.  These metals if in higher enough saturation levels pose a real health risk to our bodies and nervous systems.  They have been implicated in a far ranging list of diseases including cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.  Many companies that import products from China do not do ANY testing for heavy metals whatsoever, so the consumer has no information regarding potential health risks.


4.Carrageenan  –  has been linked to a wide variety of GI (gastro-intestinal) conditions including GI inflammation, colitis, IBS, chronic diarrhea,  Crohn’s Disease and high rates of colon cancer in laboratory animals.  This seaweed derived product is used in many natural and organic foods and in some vitamins as a vegan alternative to gelatin (often used in the capsules for vitamins).  This is another ingredient that may not be listed on the label.   It is wise to check with the manufacturer if you are concerned about it.


5.Fluoride – although one wouldn’t think of fluoride in natural food, it is very commonly found in green tea which makes drinking organic green tea absolutely essential.  Fluoride is found in many over the counter drugs and when those same companies are also manufacturing vitamins they have been detected in the vitamins as well.  It is clearly best to avoid anything with fluoride in it because of the negative health implication.

6.Hexane-extracted soy proteins – much of the “natural” soy proteins sold in the US are actually manufactured    in China using a hexane extraction method. Hexane is a very dangerous solvent most commonly used as an industrial cleaner, degreaser and gasoline ingredient. Any supplement that contains soy and is likely to have hexane in it because of the extraction method used unless it is organic and manufactured in the US.

7. Maltodextrin (from GM corn) – almost all products with maltodextrin are from GM corn which means that we don't really know what they are doing in our bodies. Maltodextrin, which is an artificial sugar has a high glycemic index thereby creating a significant rise in blood sugar, promotes the growth of unhealthy bacteria in the gut and increases the risk of a variety of inflammatory diseases. This is commonly added to vitamins as a filler because it is cheap which is the same reason that it is added to many common foods that we eat on a daily basis.

8.Hidden MSG – also known as autolysed yeast extract, torula yeast or hydrolyzed yeast protein can be found in many protein powders, meal replacement bars and as a fillers and binders in supplements. It is mostly used in these products because it is cheap. The damages due to ingesting MSG have been documented for years and they include brain damage, weight gain, liver inflammation and fetal brain distress.

9.Inorganic minerals in low cost vitamins – the majority of vitamins made today are made with scrap material including scrap iron in the form of iron oxide. Additionally, low quality calcium made from oyster shells or calcium carbonate which has been shown to clog arteries and increase arthritic changes are the most commonly used forms of calcium in vitamins. Both are cheap, virtually indigestible and toxic to humans. The use of cheap magnesium in the form of magnesium oxide is no better. In mineral supplements there may be traces of heavy metals and chemicals such as barium, arsenic and lead.

10.Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – almost all of the vitamin C that you can purchase commercially is derived from GM corn. These include internet sources like Amazon, major health food retailers like Whole Foods, food chains like Trader Joes, pharmacy brands such as Rite Aid and everything at your local grocery store. GM foods are considered some of the most concerning and damaging altered food substance that the world has ever seen. It is important to not take vitamins that are derived from GM sources.

The vitamin industry has a remarkable safety record in contrast to the pharmaceutical industry which has many deaths associated with drug quality issues.  However, like all industries, the vitamin and natural supplement industry is there to make a profit and it suffers from the dilemma of using toxic material in some of its products.
It is important that you purchase your vitamins from health professionals who have done their homework in determining the quality, reliability and absorbability of the nutritional supplements they sell.
If you would like help figuring out what vitamins and nutritional products are the right ones for you and your family please contact me at drdbrant.comor 516 609 0890.Yours in infinite wellness,
Dr. Garry D’Brant
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The Holydays

The Holydays



Offering a different perspective

I am sitting at my kitchen table watching the snow fall softly outside my window.  It is always a beautiful and serene moment.  There is something so pristine and filled with the awesome power of nature in this first snowfall. I am glad that it’s here; it always means that winter has finally arrived like the first ball thrown out in the first game of the season means that it’s summertime.  These are just moments that mean something, marking the passage of time and allowing us to mark the transitions of life.
The holydays or the holidays as we now call them seem to come up on us like a speeding train, buffeting us with the force of its passing and leaving us excited but spent.    I am aware that I get a little sad as well now because the meaning of this time seems to have been completely lost in the gross commercialism of the season.
The holidays don’t seem to be about celebrating our uniqueness, our sacred place amongst the beasts and the forests, the tides and the dancing moon, the sea creatures and the tiniest insects.  Its seems that we have lost our way into the canyons of Thanksgiving sales, black Friday madness and the subsequent never ending onslaught of discount buying options.
I would like to offer another perspective. This is a time to get quiet, step back from the maddening pace that we all keep and experience a little bit of the wonder of who we are as individuals.  Each of us is on a sacred journey and whatever that looks like for you, this is an opportunity to be still and look inside to see what miracles we are.
Like each snowflake gently falling outside my window, there are no two of us exactly alike.  We are all walking our own paths and leaving an imprint unlike anyone else that has ever been or ever will be.  What have you done with this cycle of time to mark it with your uniqueness?
I hope that when you look inside, you will see that we are all graced with this time on earth and filled with the opportunity to leave those around us and the world a better place.  I hope that you can take away this idea: the best gift that we can receive is to know our special place in the universe and likewise the best gift we can bestow is to help those we love realize how special they are.
Celebrate these holydays with love and as James Taylor sings…shower the people you know with love.

Wishing you your unique place in the universe,
Dr. Garry D’Brant

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Report from the Naval Expo

Report from the Naval Expo


In Regards To Your Health

The October 29-30th Navel Expo just finished and I can say without a doubt that this may have been the most engaging and well-received expo to date.  I got the opportunity to speak to different audiences three times over the course of 2 days.  First on Saturday for a shorter talk on Liver and Whole Body Detoxification, which was filmed and twice on Sunday.   The Sunday lectures were a longer version of the Detoxification talk and one on Adrenal Exhaustion and how it may be making you tired, stressed out and overweight.  Adrenal exhaustion may be the greatest undiagnosed epidemic in our world today, affecting millions of people.

My goal in all of these lectures is to empower people and to inspire them.  In my opinion when people are empowered they make decisions from a greater base of knowledge and when they are inspired they make choices that will help make their lives healthier and move towards infinite wellness.

The audiences for all of these lectures were curious, responsive, and asking lots of great questions.  Hundreds of people also stopped by our booth to sample the detoxification shakes (OptiCleanse GHI), blood sugar stabilization shakes (OptiMetabolix) and the newest member of our shake family, Bone Broth Protein Shakes.  The Bone Broth Protein shakes are a great idea because they provide 20 grams of protein derived from chicken bones combined with some natural flavors such as Banana Cream, Cinnamon-Apple, Greens, Turmeric, Pure, Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee!  One of the best things about these shakes besides being delicious is that they contain large amounts of type II collagen, glucosamine and chondrotin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and gelatin making them effective for strengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body; helping restore, rehab and lubricate the joints, repair the lining of our digestive organs and act as a anti-aging formula for the whole body!
While they were at the booth people also got to do “mini’ Zyto” scans which help give immediate insight into what nutritional products will help bring them into balance.  These fifteen minute sessions were very popular once again proved by the people waiting in line.  This also shows how curious people are for more knowledge about what will help make them feel more alive and energized.
I am convinced more than ever that people are genuinely questing for help in regards to their health.  Not just on the physical level, but really on the emotional and spiritual levels as well.  We are hurting as a people and as a nation.  People are seeing that their health is not what it should be and the conventional medical system simply isn’t responding with anything but the latest drug interventions for the most part.
People want answers that help them find a way towards greater well being, not just as a response to a disease but more from wanting help when their bodies aren’t functioning well and experiencing “dis-ease”.  I use this term because as we all know illness just doesn’t descend on us one day out of the clear blue sky, rather it has been building in our bodies for days, months and years during which we may experience some symptoms of discomfort, pain or dis-ease in our bodies or not.

The time to intervene isn’t when a full blown diagnosis of diabetes, lupus or cancer is at hand, but rather precisely at the time when we sense our bodies aren’t working the way they should.  They aren’t functioning the way a healthy system does and we recognize it on some level.  This is what I saw in the eyes, the questions and the hearts of the people at this expo more than I have ever seen before.  As a practitioner with over 40 years experience this is tremendously exciting for me!  People are getting the message finally that health is not the absence of disease, instead they are recognizing that health is a state of balance between the well functioning physical, spiritual, emotional and mental aspects that make up the sum of every human being.
If you would like assistance on your journey to a more completely health state of being, I welcome your call or contact at 516 609 0890 or   Here is to a life of infinite wellness for us all!

Yours in infinite wellness,
Dr. Garry D’Brant

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Navel Expo



I am very excited to announce that I will be presenting two lectures at the upcoming NAVEL Expo which is happening on Saturday and Sunday, October 29th and 30th respectively. The Navel Expo is Long Island’s largest alternative health expo with over 60 venders and 30 speakers and is attended by about 1500 people!  The expo which will be held at the Huntington Hilton Hotel, 598 Broad Hollow Rd, Melville, runs from 9am to 6pm on Saturday and 9am to 8pm on Sunday. My lectures on the critical importance of Liver Detoxification, Cleanse Your Body of Toxins will be happening at 1:40pm on Saturday and 12 pm respectively in main ballroom B. My second lecture on Adrenal Fatigue, Is It Making You Tired, Stressed Out and Overweight? will take place on Sunday at 5pm in main ballroom B.
My first lecture will focus on the important role of the liver and the need to detoxify it and our bodies on a regular basis. Many people suffer from poor functioning detoxification pathways which make them tired, suffer from headaches, body aches, bloating and have low immune function.
These symptoms and many others can be alleviated by engaging in a medical food detoxification program that provides maximum nutrition to support your own natural detoxification pathways.
In my second lecture, I will be presenting information about a hidden epidemic that is happening to millions of people all across America. What I am speaking about is Adrenal Fatigue (or Adrenal Exhaustion). So many of us are experiencing these symptoms:
-being constantly tired
-weight gain
-sleep disturbances
-increased anxiety
-mental fogginess
-low sex drive
These and other symptoms may well be indications of adrenal fatigue. This condition goes unnoticed for the most part because there are no drugs that can respond to it and because many physicians don’t even recognize that it exists. It does. All you have to do is talk to the thousands of people who have come through my front door exhausted and desperate and leave feeling renewed and refreshed to realize this is a very genuine problem.


The Navel Expo is Long Island’s largest alternative health expo with over 60 venders and 30 speakers and is attended by about 1500 people! It is a great opportunity to get your health questions answered and learn from some very skilled practitioners. You can read about the event by using this link:
I will also have a booth for the entire day where you can sample some of our delicious, pharmaceutical grade medical food shakes which support both eliminating sugar cravings and detoxifying your major organs. The products, OptiMetabolix and OptiCleanse are unique in the health supplement industry because they deliver over 25 gms of medical food grade vegan protein
You can also have a health screening done using our bioresonance testing device, the Zyto which will give you immediate information about your health and what can be done to make a positive impact on it. You can schedule these fifteen minute screenings at the booth but be warned, the spots fill up VERY quickly!
Furthermore, we will be highlighting our homeopathic products which are unique in the industry. What makes them so valuable is that they are made using a “spagyric” method that literally makes them much more potent and effective in responding to symptoms such as allergies, stress, inflammation, etc.
Most of all, I am excited about meeting you and answering all of your questions about how you can make yourself into the healthy, vibrant person you were meant to be. I have 39 years of experience in chiropractic, natural health, nutrition and psychotherapy which has given me the unique ability to really hear what people are struggling with. And because of this experience there are often suggestions, modalities and treatments that I can offer that will help improve your health and life immediately.
I look forward to seeing you at the NAVEL Expo on October 29th & 30th. The tickets are $20 but if you would like to bring a friend(s) or family members, I have a limited supply of tickets that I can give as a complementary gift to you but please ask for them now because these also go very quickly. I can be reached at 516 609 0890 or at

Yours in Infinite Wellness,

Dr. Garry D’Brant

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Ten Reasons Your Toothpaste Could be Poisoning you

Ten Reasons Your Toothpaste Could be Poisoning you


Have you ever wondered what is in conventional toothpaste?  I have, and when I went looking at the ingredients in many of the leading brands of commercial toothpastes, I was very dismayed to find a variety of toxic chemicals.
I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised because even the warning labels on many of the toothpastes themselves give rise for concern.  Here is what they state:  “Do not swallow” and “in case of accidental ingestion, contact the poison control center.”

It is pretty difficult not to swallow some of the water and toothpaste combination when brushing your teeth, and considering that the tissue in the mouth is one of the most absorbent places in your body this becomes doubly concerning.
Here is a list of the most prevalent chemicals found in toothpastes and their toxic effects on humans:

  1. Artificial sugars – all sugars lower the pH of the dental plaque which makes the area more acidic.  The most acidic the area the more damage occurs.  If you applied this rule to the rest of the body, many health experts believe that the more acidic the body tissue, the more likely you will generate diseases.
  2. Diethanolamine (DEA) – a foaming agent which disrupts hormones and cause cancer causing nitrates.  End result, an increase in liver and kidney cancer.
  3. FD &C Dyes 1 & 2 – artificial colors which have been linked to a host of health disorders including allergic reactions, asthma, ADD/ADHD, migraine headaches and cancer.
  4. Fluoride –  perhaps one of the most controversial chemicals in use today, there is substantial evidence that at the dosage used today (1,000 ppm), fluoride causes gum damage by disrupting enzymes activity and delaying the gum self-regenerating mechanism.   One study demonstrated that prolonged ingestion of fluoride may cause damage to the brain, decrease IQ in children, damage to the pineal and thyroid glands as well as cancer.
  5. Glycerin – a very sticky substance, glycerin has been shown to coat the teeth like plastic wrap, blocking them from absorbing much needed nutrients and re-mineralizing.   According to one source, toothpastes containing glycerin take 20 rinses to get it off.
  6. Polyethylene glycols (PEG) – one of the most common plastics in use today for packaging and containers, polyethylene glycol has been studied extensively for its toxic effects.   The National Institute for Occupational Safety in a report states: “Ethylene glycol is chemically broken down in the body into toxic compounds.  It and its toxic byproducts first affect the central nervous system (CNS), then the heart, and finally the kidneys.  Ingestion of sufficient  amounts can be fatal.”
  7. Propylene Glycol  – one of the active ingredients in antifreeze, it acts as a surfactant and solvent.  In commercial use this chemical is considered so toxic that it should only be handled with protective clothing in place,(ie gloves, goggles) and disposed of under strict protocol.
  8. Sorbitol – this sugar alcohol is absorbed slowly into the human body but it has a demonstrated history of causing gastrointestinal disturbances.  Foods containing sorbitol have been shown to cause diarrhea, bloating, gas and have been implicated in decreasing fat absorption from other foods.
  9. Surfactants (substances which reduce the surface tension of liquids that it is dissolved in) – the most well known of this group of chemicals is sodium lauryl sulfate which shows up in a host of healthcare products, such as shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. Surfactants are readily absorbed into the body and can cause eye and skin irritation, hormone imbalances, canker sores, mouth ulcers and cancer.
  10. Triclosan – is well known in industry for its anti-microbial (germ killing) quality.  Originally registered as a pesticide, this chemical is linked to thyroid hormone disruption, disruption of heart function and is highly carcinogenic.


It is convenient to give your kids and ourselves good tasting, easy pouring toothpastes which we are told will help our families teeth stay strong and healthy.   Unfortunately, as can be seen from reading the above list  this just isn’t the case.

If you would like help figuring out what chemicals might be hidden in all of your household and home care products please contact me and I will be happy to assist you (I even come to people’s homes!).  I can be reached at 516 609 0890 and at

Yours in infinite wellness,

Dr. Garry D’Brant

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Diet Soda Exposed

Diet Soda Exposed


The proponents of diet soda, namely the soda companies themselves such as coca cola and pepsi would have us believe that drinking diet soda is an effective way to have our senses satisfied for that cold, refreshing taste with few or no calories. Unfortunately, the cold, hard facts are much less forgiving than the sales pitch of the soda companies.

Here is an overview of what research has shown about the real affects of drinking diet sodas. Most diet sodas are sweetened with aspartame. All ingredients that go into foods (including aspartame) are subjected to supposedly thorough investigation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which is charged with protecting the public interests.

In the case of aspartame, the FDA approved its use in July 1983 in carbonated beverages and other liquids. Remarkably, some of the FDA’s own task force learned that the original aspartame research was falsified to obscure the dangers of this chemical. The original research indicated that animals fed aspartame developed seizures and brain tumors.

By the year 1991, the National Institutes of Health had documented over 167 adverse affects from aspartame ingestion. In 1992, the US Air Force advised its pilots not to fly after eating anything containing aspartame. In 1994, the US Department of Health and Human Services had identified 88 toxic symptoms associated with aspartame.

Aspartame has been shown to be unstable in liquid form. This was some of the original research that was done on this chemical. Specifically, if a diet drink containing aspartame is stored at 85 degrees F. for a week or more, the aspartame breaks down into other chemicals including formaldehyde, formic acid and diketopiperazine, a chemical which has been show to directly cause brain cancer. Formaldehyde and formic acid are well documented toxic chemicals.

Not surprisingly aspartame has been linked to a variety of cancers including, brain, kidney, liver, lung and lymph.

Diet sodas have been shown to have other adverse affects more than the formation of various cancers. Research conducted at Harvard over 11 years on 3000 women found that drinking diet soda daily, doubled the risk of developing kidney disease.

In a 2008 study at the University of Minnesota of almost 10,000 adults, researchers found that even drinking just one diet soda daily (how many people drink more than one?) increased the risk of developing metabolic syndrome by 34 percent. Metabolic syndrome is that condition associated with increase in belly fat, elevated cholesterol and decreased testosterone that puts you at risk for heart disease and diabetes. Drinking two cans of diet soda every day is linked with a 500 percent increase in waist size. Additionally, there is a 43 percent increase in risk of heart attack or stroke from drinking more than one diet soda daily.

People who drink diet sodas have been shown to consume more food than those that don’t. Researchers who published a study in the American Journal of Public Health, state, “Available evidence suggests that artificial sweeteners, which are present in high doses in diet beverages, are associated with a greater activation of reward centers in the brain which alter the reward a person experiences from sweet tastes”

In simple terms this translates to drinking diet soda may result in food and sugar cravings because the aspartame disrupts appetite control centers in the brain. This can lead to a significant increase in simple carbohydrate consumption as well as food in general.

Research has also indicated that consuming aspartame changes our brain function. Specifically, it can change the balance of two critical brain hormones, serotonin and dopamine. Impaired dopamine production is connected to neurological conditions such as Parkinson ’s disease and low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, increased pain and aggressive behavior.

The lining of the cans used for diet sodas contain bisphenol-A (BPA), a know hormone disruptor. BPA has been linked to reproductive system damage in women and low sperm count and prostate cancer in men. It has also been linked to early onset of puberty, increased weight gain and breast cancer.

Additionally, because diet soda is so acidic it has been linked to dental enamel erosion. Furthermore when diet soda is used in mixed drinks it worsens the severity of hangover symptoms because it increases the rate at which alcohol enters the blood stream.

As you can see, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence condemning both aspartame and diet sodas as not being safe and not helping with people who want to lose weight. The truth is that diet sodas are nothing more than cell damaging, cancer causing, and hormone disrupting beverages that would be better off if they had never been invented.

If you would like more information about how you can recover from the damages of drinking diet sodas and other toxic chemicals found in our food system, please feel free to contact me. I have been working for over 35 years on detoxifying and rejuvenating people who want to feel alive and vibrant once again. I can be reached at or at 516 609 0890.

Yours in infinite wellness,

Dr. Garry D’Brant

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The Wonderful Watermelon

The Wonderful Watermelon


Its summer and its hot and humid.  Nothing seems better to eat than a nice cold slice of watermelon!  The truth is watermelon is one of those foods that you should eat for not just its cooling properties but for its health benefits as well.  Many health practitioners consider watermelon to be a super food among fruits.  Here are some of its benefits.


  • Watermelon is loaded with water (92%).  The other 8% is filled with great nutrients which have a variety of health benefits
  • Watermelon is extremely alkalizing.  As I have discussed many times before, disease does not prosper in alkaline environments but rather in acidic ones.
  • Watermelon was actually a treatment for people with failing kidneys before the advent of kidney dialysis.  It has extremely good diuretic properties.
  • It is a good source of potassium and is useful in muscle and nerve function.  It also has anti-inflammatory qualities that can help conditions such as arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis, colon problems, diabetes and auto-immune disorders.
  • This fruit has been approved by the American Heart Association as a heart healthy food.
  • Watermelon has more lycopene than just about any other fruit or vegetable.  Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to reduce the risk of breast, colon, endometrial, lung and  prostate cancer.
  • This nutrient packed fruit may have an effect similar to Viagra due to its ability to trigger the production of a compound that relaxes the body’s blood vessels.
  • It also contains a fair amount of the mineral magnesium which is extremely useful for heart health, muscle relaxation and brain health.
  • Watermelon also is a good source of vitamin’s C and A and has small amounts of B vitamins,  vitamin K and pantothenic acid.  Add to this that it is full of minerals and you get a lot more than just a very delicious and cool fruit.

The only concern with eating watermelon is that it contains 10 grams of sugar per 1 cup of watermelon.  However this sugar is bound with fiber which makes it slower to leave the stomach and less likely to rapidly raise your blood sugar.  One thing that you can do to decrease this likelihood even further is to eat some fat at the same time as the watermelon which further slows the rate of absorption.

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Dr. Garry D’Brant

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GMO’s and Infertility: Is There a Connection?

GMO’s and Infertility: Is There a Connection?



According to a recent study rats who were fed a diet of GMO food ended up becoming infertile.  Researchers from different departments of the Suez Canal University of Egypt concluded that rats fed a GMO diet wound up not only infertile but also suffered from other adverse health effects as well.

As many of you who have been reading my newsletters know, I have long questioned the possible negative effects of eating GMO foods.  I have espoused the belief that we are unsuspecting participants in the largest food experiment ever conducted on the human population.  This experiment has largely gone unnoticed until people in the scientific, environmental and health fields began to question the efficacy of GMO crops.  

Research has been slow to come forward largely I think because the mega companies and agra businesses have a vested interest in not seeing research done that may cast a negative light on the effects of GMO crops.  This is beginning to change as can be seen by the results of this study and several other related ones.

The research scientists who conducted the Egyptian study concluded:

“GM corn or soybeans leads to significant organ disruptions in rats and mice, particularly in livers and kidneys. In addition they found other organs may be affected too, such as heart and spleen, or blood cells. The kidneys of males fared the worst, with 43.5% of all the changes, the liver of females followed with 30.8%”

In addition the researchers found that by day 91 of the study the rat population that was fed a GMO diet  were completely sterile.  

“The study found clear signs of organ pathology in the GM-fed group, especially in the liver, kidney, and small intestine. An examination of the testes revealed necrosis (death) and desquamation (shedding) of the spermatogonial cells that are the foundation of sperm cells and thus male fertility – and all this after only 91 days of feeding.”

This is not the first study to that has concluded that GM foods contribute to infertility.  Researchers in Russia found that hamsters fed a GMO diet became sterile as well.

“Using hamsters as the test subjects, scientists observed that consumption of GM soybeans, which have never been a part of these creatures’ normal diets, tended to slow sexual maturity and gradually eliminate the ability to reproduce.” 

These findings should cause all of us to consider what we are doing on a daily basis when buying and consuming foods and other items.  Think about it for a moment.  The next time you are in the supermarket and are going to buy the regular eggs, consider where those eggs came from.  The chickens were undoubtedly fed GM corn and or soybeans which means that the eggs they bear are also GM eggs.  Do you want to be serving something to your family that could cause their organs to be damaged and potentially cause them to be sterile?

Take this a step further.  When you consider buying a vitamin from the local health food store, GNC or CVS can you be sure that it doesn’t contain GMO’s?  I believe that most commercially manufactured vitamins have GMO bases (grown on corn, soy or some other GM medium) or are filled with binders and fillers which come from GM sources.  This is a compelling reason to buy only pharmaceutical grade, non GMO vitamin, herbs and nutraceuticals.

In the coming months and years, I believe that more information, studies and revelations about the destructiveness of GMO will come to light.  We are all having to make choices every day about our and our families health.  Make the choices that promotes their wellness, don’t eat or buy products made from GMOs.

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Yours in infinite wellness,

Dr. Garry D’Brant