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The Wonderful Watermelon

The Wonderful Watermelon


Its summer and its hot and humid.  Nothing seems better to eat than a nice cold slice of watermelon!  The truth is watermelon is one of those foods that you should eat for not just its cooling properties but for its health benefits as well.  Many health practitioners consider watermelon to be a super food among fruits.  Here are some of its benefits.


  • Watermelon is loaded with water (92%).  The other 8% is filled with great nutrients which have a variety of health benefits
  • Watermelon is extremely alkalizing.  As I have discussed many times before, disease does not prosper in alkaline environments but rather in acidic ones.
  • Watermelon was actually a treatment for people with failing kidneys before the advent of kidney dialysis.  It has extremely good diuretic properties.
  • It is a good source of potassium and is useful in muscle and nerve function.  It also has anti-inflammatory qualities that can help conditions such as arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis, colon problems, diabetes and auto-immune disorders.
  • This fruit has been approved by the American Heart Association as a heart healthy food.
  • Watermelon has more lycopene than just about any other fruit or vegetable.  Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to reduce the risk of breast, colon, endometrial, lung and  prostate cancer.
  • This nutrient packed fruit may have an effect similar to Viagra due to its ability to trigger the production of a compound that relaxes the body’s blood vessels.
  • It also contains a fair amount of the mineral magnesium which is extremely useful for heart health, muscle relaxation and brain health.
  • Watermelon also is a good source of vitamin’s C and A and has small amounts of B vitamins,  vitamin K and pantothenic acid.  Add to this that it is full of minerals and you get a lot more than just a very delicious and cool fruit.

The only concern with eating watermelon is that it contains 10 grams of sugar per 1 cup of watermelon.  However this sugar is bound with fiber which makes it slower to leave the stomach and less likely to rapidly raise your blood sugar.  One thing that you can do to decrease this likelihood even further is to eat some fat at the same time as the watermelon which further slows the rate of absorption.

If you would like to learn about other foods, their benefits and how you can plan a diet full of healthy nutrients for you and your family, please contact me at 516 609 0890 or


Yours in infinite wellness,

Dr. Garry D’Brant

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Nine Herbs that Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally!

Nine Herbs that Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally!




Benefits Include Lowering Blood Pressure to Increased Memory and Decreased Pain.

There are many things in the natural world that can help us restore balance in our bodies when due to the stresses of modern life things have gone wrong.  The immune, reproductive, genitourinary, cardiovascular, digestive and elimination systems can all benefit from using natural substances like herbs and spices to regulate them, sometimes with effects that rival or surpass those of modern drugs and without any of the harmful “side effects”.

These herbs and spices if used on a regular basis can help regulate your blood pressure.  Try them you will surprised at how effective they are!

  • Cayenne Pepper –   the main ingredient in this spice that helps lower blood pressure is capsaicin which if used several times a week has shown long tern effects on high blood pressure.  You may have also heard of the benefits of capsaicin in pain relief.  This spice has multiple benefits because it helps reduce inflammation.  Enjoy  this herb regularly but be careful because it is has plenty of heat in it.
  • Garlic – a very tasty and flavorful herb, garlic also has significant blood pressure lowering capabilities.   It is also well established as a natural antibiotic so it serves in fighting infection as well.  Eating it raw has been historically shown to be the most effective way to experience its benefits, but cooking with it also works.
  • Ginger – another pungent herb, ginger is found in foods from many cultures.  This food if added fresh into your cooking or used in infusions has demonstrated substantial blood pressure lowering effects.  Ginger is also great for helping digestion and for combating a variety of other ailments including diabetes and morning sickness.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – a powerful herb which grows in China, it has been used for centuries to improve blood circulation.  Ginkgo has been shown to expand arterial walls which helps lower blood pressure as well as help improving memory and alertness.
  • Hawthorn (Hawthorn berries) – has a wonderful restoring effect on the entire cardiovascular system including lowering blood pressure.  It can be taken as a syrup, herbal capsule or as an infusion.
  • Olive Leaves – can be used either fresh or dried to strengthen and enhance the heart and blood vessels.  The active ingredient in the leaves is oleuropein, a elenolic acid that protects the heart.  Additionally, the leaves contain flavanoids which protect the heart and expand the blood vessel walls.  This can be taken as an herbal capsule or as an infusion or essential oil.
  • Tumeric – perhaps my favorite all round spice because of its incredible healing properties.   It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol, reduces the likelihood of blood clots and lowers blood pressure, particularly in people who suffer from auto-immune disease.
  • Valerian – a very gentle but powerful herb which has been shown to relax the muscles surrounding the blood vessels which improves blood circulation throughout the body.  It can be taken as an herbal supplement or a tea.
  • Yarrow – this European plant is well established for its muscle relaxing and spasm relieving capacity.  It will cause the body to sweat more and reduces blood pressure by relieving spasms throughout the body.

The natural world is full of amazing, health promoting herbs, spices and plants.  Please contact me if you would like help identifying the natural ways you can try to lower your blood pressure.  My phone is 516 609 0890 and my website is

Yours in infinite wellness,

Dr. Garry D’Brant

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Watch my weight loss talk live Nov. 8 at!

LI’s biggest health & wellness expo returns this Sunday!

For those who can’t attend, my first talk will be streaming live at

I hope you’ll join me at the upcoming NAVEL Expo, Sunday, Nov. 8, where I will be lecturing twice, at 11 am on weight loss resistance and at 4 pm on adrenal fatigue.

But if you can’t join me in person, go to, where my first talk will be streaming live at 11 am. The streaming link is on the front page of the website. You can watch my talk along with other talks from the many respected health and wellness professionals who will be appearing at the Expo.

Over 2,500 people looking for health solutions are expected to attend as well, and I am very excited about my presentations and the opportunity to share with them information that will help transform their lives and help empower them toward achieving greater health. The Expo is at the Long Island/ Huntington Hilton, 598 Broad Hollow Rd, Melville, NY 11747-5002 (view map). Continue reading Watch my weight loss talk live Nov. 8 at!

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How to Stop Craving Sugar

Stop the sugar cravings!

Coco-nutty Granola

I always ask my patients to give me a detailed description of not only what they eat but when they eat. It strikes me that far too often people eat very poorly at breakfast or don’t eat breakfast altogether.

Neither of these situations is ideal for your body or your brain, which both need to be fed on a regular basis. The average person eats dinner between 6 and 7 pm and goes to bed without a snack. They wake up between 7 and 8 am. This represents a twelve-hour period without food—which is great if you are going to take a fasting blood test to determine cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Continue reading How to Stop Craving Sugar

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Guided detox diary: Part 4

My guided detox with Dr. D’Brant: Part 4

fruits and veggies

My 30-day detox with Dr. Garry D’Brant is complete, and I’m psyched! I’ve lost nine pounds, and both my BMI and my abdominal fat have dropped into healthier levels. Also, since the end of the detox, I’ve been maintaining my nutritional goals.

Earlier this week I checked in with Dr. D’Brant to mark my progress and get some guidance for the future. Continue reading Guided detox diary: Part 4

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Stop the Sugar Cravings: Five Steps

You can curb your desire for sweets!

kidandcake by j4p4n on openclipartPatients will often start out doing great with not craving carbs and or sweets while doing my comprehensive detoxification program. However, after they are done with the program they will sometimes come in during our follow-up support sessions saying that the desire for sweets/carbs (cookies, cakes, candy, chips, etc) has either slowly crept back in or has quite suddenly become an issue again.

What I have seen, in over 30 years of helping people create weight loss programs that work, is that subtle shifts in the person’s life will have significant impact on whether they’re feeling satisfied or are experiencing cravings. Continue reading Stop the Sugar Cravings: Five Steps

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My guided detox with Dr. D’Brant—Part III

My guided detox with Dr. D’Brant—Part 3

512px-Colours_of_Happiness_3Two-thirds of the way to the end
(but there is no finish line)

How can I commit to a new lifestyle of healthy eating, especially when I’ve “committed” to such new lifestyles multiple times in the past? Every time, weeks or months later, I’ve fallen off the bandwagon and succumbed to the pull of junk food and overeating.

That’s what I asked Dr. Garry D’Brant earlier this week when I checked in with him at his Infinite Wellness office. I was two-thirds of the way through the 30-day guided detox I’m doing under his care. Continue reading My guided detox with Dr. D’Brant—Part III

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My guided detox with Dr. D’Brant—Part II

My guided detox with Dr. D’Brant—Part 2

Stock 6

Today is day ten of my thirty-day detox program, which I’m doing under the guidance of Dr. Garry D’Brant at Infinite Wellness.

As I wrote in my previous blog, I’ve wanted to get off dairy, sugar, and unhealthy carbs for a long time, but for a long time I have not had the willpower.

I don’t drink, smoke, or do other drugs, but I had to do more if I wanted to lose weight and be healthier. That means eliminating foods that are biologically addictive, Dr. D’Brant writes in his article, “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?Continue reading My guided detox with Dr. D’Brant—Part II

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How to Detoxify from Harmful Substances

How to Detoxify from Harmful Substances

Guy looking at test strips

The top ten toxic chemicals to watch out for

  1. Arsenic
  2. Bisphenoyl-A (BPA)
  3. Dioxin
  4. Glycol Ethers
  5. Lead
  6. Mercury
  7. Organophosphate Pesticides
  8. Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCS)
  9. Perchlorate
  10. Phthalates

Read on for more details on each of these chemicals.


Like in the movie Arsenic and Old Lace, take enough of it and it will kill you. However, most of us won’t take enough of it in one exposure but will gradually have it build up in our systems from constant smaller levels of daily exposure.

Even in small amounts, arsenic can account for some pretty noxious symptoms, including bladder, lung, and skin cancer. It also is associated with hormone disruption in the pathways that aid sugar and carbohydrate absorption. Continue reading How to Detoxify from Harmful Substances

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My guided detox with Dr. D’Brant—Part I

My guided detox with Dr. D’Brant—Part 1

DeathtoStock_SlowDown1 I have been hearing about Dr. D’Brant’s detoxification program ever since I met him a few years ago. I’ve read some of what his other clients have said about it and said, “That’s good for them,” but I’ve hesitated for myself.

I thought I could lose weight on my own. I didn’t think such a drastic measure was necessary. And I didn’t think my body was that bad—for years I’ve kept within a range of weight that was at least 20 pounds below what I weighed in high school.

But I’ve gained weight recently, nearly 20 pounds over the last two or three years. At my initial assessment with Dr. D’Brant I weighed 158.8 pounds (I’m 5’3”), and my body fat percentage was 37.8. No one would look at me and say I was obese, but those numbers actually translate into obesity. Some charts say over 36% body fat is obese, some (including The American Council on Exercise) say over 32% is obese, but the bottom line is, I have too much body fat! Dr. D’Brant says my goal should be below 24%. I’d be happy to get down to the “average” range of 25-31%. Continue reading My guided detox with Dr. D’Brant—Part I