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Game Changing Federal Study Links Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer

Game Changing Federal Study Links Cell Phone Radiation And Cancer


Earlier this month a study conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) suggested that radio frequency (RF) radiation (the type emitted by your cell phone) can cause several types of cancer.

This study which was funded by the US government, conducted over two and a half years and costing over $25 million  is a big deal because it is the first US government study that confirms what many of us in the natural health community have been concerned about for years, that cell phones are a cause of cancer.

The basis of the study demonstrated that rats exposed to two types of RF radiation were significantly more likely than rats who were not exposed to develop a type of brain cancer called glioma.  Additionally, this same RF radiation exposed rat population also had a higher chance of developing a rare form of malignant tumor of the heart known as schwannoma.

Of particular importance in this study was that the exposure was consistent with what human beings are exposed to when using a cell phone.  Furthermore, as the radiation exposure levels increased so did the incidence of cancer in the rats.  The cell phone industry has long claimed that cell phones emit a harmless form of radiation in contrast to X-rays and gamma rays.  The findings of this study appear to clearly demonstrate that this industry position is not true.

The NTP findings also poke holes in the Food and Drug Administration’s website assertions that there is “no evidence linking cell phone use with the risk of brain tumors.”   It should also be noted that the RF radiation exposure was carried out using 2G phones which was the standard at the time the research study was conducted as opposed to the phones in current use now which are 3G or 4G.  The later generations phones put out a significantly higher level or RF radiation than their earlier predecessors.

In the US malignant brain cancers are diagnosed at the rate of 25,000 per year with 80% of them being gliomas.  Malignant brain tumors are the most common cause of death from cancers in adolescents and adults ages 15 to 39.

The authors of the NTP study concluded “given the extremely large number of people who use wireless communication devices,” “even a small increase in the incidence of disease resulting from exposure to RFR resulting from these devices could have broad implications for public health.”

In response to this new found potential link between cell phone radiation and cancer what can we do?  The answer comes in several parts.  Firstly, be conscious to not use your cell phone more than you absolutely have to.  Secondly, do not keep your cell phone by your ear when speaking, use headphones or ear bud type devices with the phone away from your body.  Thirdly, don’t keep your cell phone on your body when not in use. Fourthly, if you know you use your cell phone regularly consider taking either a homeopathic remedy for this type of radiation,  increase your anti-oxidant supplement intake and consider doing regular detoxification whole body protocols to ensure that you are eliminating some of this toxic material from your body.

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