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Navel Expo



I am very excited to announce that I will be presenting two lectures at the upcoming NAVEL Expo which is happening on Saturday and Sunday, October 29th and 30th respectively. The Navel Expo is Long Island’s largest alternative health expo with over 60 venders and 30 speakers and is attended by about 1500 people!  The expo which will be held at the Huntington Hilton Hotel, 598 Broad Hollow Rd, Melville, runs from 9am to 6pm on Saturday and 9am to 8pm on Sunday. My lectures on the critical importance of Liver Detoxification, Cleanse Your Body of Toxins will be happening at 1:40pm on Saturday and 12 pm respectively in main ballroom B. My second lecture on Adrenal Fatigue, Is It Making You Tired, Stressed Out and Overweight? will take place on Sunday at 5pm in main ballroom B.
My first lecture will focus on the important role of the liver and the need to detoxify it and our bodies on a regular basis. Many people suffer from poor functioning detoxification pathways which make them tired, suffer from headaches, body aches, bloating and have low immune function.
These symptoms and many others can be alleviated by engaging in a medical food detoxification program that provides maximum nutrition to support your own natural detoxification pathways.
In my second lecture, I will be presenting information about a hidden epidemic that is happening to millions of people all across America. What I am speaking about is Adrenal Fatigue (or Adrenal Exhaustion). So many of us are experiencing these symptoms:
-being constantly tired
-weight gain
-sleep disturbances
-increased anxiety
-mental fogginess
-low sex drive
These and other symptoms may well be indications of adrenal fatigue. This condition goes unnoticed for the most part because there are no drugs that can respond to it and because many physicians don’t even recognize that it exists. It does. All you have to do is talk to the thousands of people who have come through my front door exhausted and desperate and leave feeling renewed and refreshed to realize this is a very genuine problem.


The Navel Expo is Long Island’s largest alternative health expo with over 60 venders and 30 speakers and is attended by about 1500 people! It is a great opportunity to get your health questions answered and learn from some very skilled practitioners. You can read about the event by using this link:
I will also have a booth for the entire day where you can sample some of our delicious, pharmaceutical grade medical food shakes which support both eliminating sugar cravings and detoxifying your major organs. The products, OptiMetabolix and OptiCleanse are unique in the health supplement industry because they deliver over 25 gms of medical food grade vegan protein
You can also have a health screening done using our bioresonance testing device, the Zyto which will give you immediate information about your health and what can be done to make a positive impact on it. You can schedule these fifteen minute screenings at the booth but be warned, the spots fill up VERY quickly!
Furthermore, we will be highlighting our homeopathic products which are unique in the industry. What makes them so valuable is that they are made using a “spagyric” method that literally makes them much more potent and effective in responding to symptoms such as allergies, stress, inflammation, etc.
Most of all, I am excited about meeting you and answering all of your questions about how you can make yourself into the healthy, vibrant person you were meant to be. I have 39 years of experience in chiropractic, natural health, nutrition and psychotherapy which has given me the unique ability to really hear what people are struggling with. And because of this experience there are often suggestions, modalities and treatments that I can offer that will help improve your health and life immediately.
I look forward to seeing you at the NAVEL Expo on October 29th & 30th. The tickets are $20 but if you would like to bring a friend(s) or family members, I have a limited supply of tickets that I can give as a complementary gift to you but please ask for them now because these also go very quickly. I can be reached at 516 609 0890 or at

Yours in Infinite Wellness,

Dr. Garry D’Brant