Weight Loss Products

Weight Loss Products

FIT Food™ Lite Whey protein shakes. Available in Creamy Chocolate, Vanilla Delight, Berry Blast, & Banana. FIT Food™ Lite Whey is a delicious, soy and fructose-free functional food powder that features 21 grams/serving of bio-active, New Zealand sourced, pure whey protein, a proprietary fiber blend containing a probiotic for gastrointestinal and cardiovascular support, and additional amino acids to enhance and maintain lean body mass.

FIT Food™ Lite Vegan protein shakes. Available in Creamy Chocolate or Vanilla Delight. FIT Food™ Lite Vegan is a delicious functional food powder that is free of soy, dairy, and gluten. The formula contains 40% less sugar than comparable products and is not fructose sweetened. Its 17 grams of protein per serving are derived from XYMOGEN’s proprietary VegaPro™, a rice/pea protein blend with several additional amino acids that further enhance and maintain lean body mass. Among the ingredients in the heart-healthy proprietary fi ber blend is a prebiotic for gastrointestinal support.


CarniteX™ is a patented L-Carnitine provided in a highly stabilized form.

– Supports cardiovascular health, cardio-protectant

– Supports post-exercise muscle recovery

– Supports fat utilization, weight loss protocols

– Nutritional support for individuals prone to or with carnitine deficiency



CinnDromeX™ is formulated to support insulin sensitivity and optimize blood sugar levels.

– Supports optimum insulin function
– Supports healthy glucose metabolism
– Helps prevent complications from elevated blood sugar
– Supports healthy blood lipid levels
– Improves and maintains healthy nerve function


ConjuLean 1000™ is a patented formula offering a beneficial dose of pure Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in just four softgels. Each softgel contains an average of 78% (780 mgs) pure CLA consisting of the highest concentration of those isomers most commonly associated with health benefits. ConjuLean 1000™ is manufactured in a facility dedicated solely to CLA to ensure consistency of quality.

– Maintains healthy body composition

– Lessens catabolic effect of training on muscle protein

– Supports anti-inflammatory pathways


MinRx™ is the first pharmaceutical grade multi-mineral formula that contains patented fully reacted minerals. In most multi-mineral formulas, absorption will be limited due to competition between Zinc and Copper and Calcium and Magnesium, etc. However, the advanced mineral delivery system coupled with the improved absorption from vegetable capsules, positions MinRx™ as a truly proprietary and professional mineral formula.

– Mineral repletion following chelation or diuretic therapy

– Maximizing energy production (support for production of ATP)

– Insufficient consumption of mineral-rich diet

– Conditions causing poor mineral absorption