What is P.E.E.R.?

What is P.E.E.R.™ ?

A Powerful, Innovative and Caring Approach to Healing

P.E.E.R.™ (Primary Emotional Energy Recovery) facilitates the recovery of life energy that we have lost access to because of a lack of safety and support to experience, express and release emotions. As a result, the energy of those emotions gets locked into our bodies in the form of patterns of physical and emotional tension and armoring (protective tension patterns). P.E.E.R.™ focuses on bringing the body and the emotions more fully into the healing process by creating an environment that provides safety and encouragement to experience and express feelings such as anger, sadness, grief, fear, shame, hurt and abandonment in safe and appropriate ways. By creating access to our feelings and ways to release these, we regain more of our primary life energy. This facilitates the goal of true healing which integrates mind, body and spirit.

History of P.E.E.R.™

P.E.E.R.™ was founded by Dan Jones and John Lee over 25 years ago and further developed by Senior Facilitators, Karen Blicher, Connie Burns, Vijay Director and Dr. Garry D’Brant.  First offered to professionals in the human services fields and later to lay participants in three two day workshops it taught:

  • A clear demonstration of techniques that facilitate deep discharge of emotion from the body/mind.
  • Deeper insight and awareness into areas of your own recovery you may be in denial about.
  • Theories about grief, depression, and sadness, as well as anger, shame, chronic shock, appropriate touch and intimacy that will supplement your understanding.
  • Descriptions of ways to facilitate healthy discharge of sadness, grief and anger, as well as fear and shame.
  • An opportunity to experience emotional release in a large and/ or small group setting.

P.E.E.R.™ Process Workshop Today

The benefits of this training are now offered in a two day P.E.E.R.™ Process workshop where the participants can expect the following:

~ Learning techniques to fully access, experience, and release deeply held emotion

  ~ An opportunity to personally experience emotional release in a small group setting

  ~ Deeper insight and awareness into areas of your own recovery

  ~ Teachings on grief, depression, sadness, anger, shame, chronic shock, appropriate touch and intimacy.