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The Holydays

The Holydays



Offering a different perspective

I am sitting at my kitchen table watching the snow fall softly outside my window.  It is always a beautiful and serene moment.  There is something so pristine and filled with the awesome power of nature in this first snowfall. I am glad that it’s here; it always means that winter has finally arrived like the first ball thrown out in the first game of the season means that it’s summertime.  These are just moments that mean something, marking the passage of time and allowing us to mark the transitions of life.
The holydays or the holidays as we now call them seem to come up on us like a speeding train, buffeting us with the force of its passing and leaving us excited but spent.    I am aware that I get a little sad as well now because the meaning of this time seems to have been completely lost in the gross commercialism of the season.
The holidays don’t seem to be about celebrating our uniqueness, our sacred place amongst the beasts and the forests, the tides and the dancing moon, the sea creatures and the tiniest insects.  Its seems that we have lost our way into the canyons of Thanksgiving sales, black Friday madness and the subsequent never ending onslaught of discount buying options.
I would like to offer another perspective. This is a time to get quiet, step back from the maddening pace that we all keep and experience a little bit of the wonder of who we are as individuals.  Each of us is on a sacred journey and whatever that looks like for you, this is an opportunity to be still and look inside to see what miracles we are.
Like each snowflake gently falling outside my window, there are no two of us exactly alike.  We are all walking our own paths and leaving an imprint unlike anyone else that has ever been or ever will be.  What have you done with this cycle of time to mark it with your uniqueness?
I hope that when you look inside, you will see that we are all graced with this time on earth and filled with the opportunity to leave those around us and the world a better place.  I hope that you can take away this idea: the best gift that we can receive is to know our special place in the universe and likewise the best gift we can bestow is to help those we love realize how special they are.
Celebrate these holydays with love and as James Taylor sings…shower the people you know with love.

Wishing you your unique place in the universe,
Dr. Garry D’Brant