Weight Loss

Weight Loss Solutions

Eating Healthy, Eating Smart

Dr. D’Brant’s cutting edge Infinite Wellness nutrition plan will help you lose weight, achieve balance, and feel better about yourself.  Start with the basics: The food you eat should be 30% protein, 40% non-starchy carbohydrate, and 30% healthy fats. 1400 daily calories assure that you’re never hungry and healthy carbohydrates are allowed, stopping cravings before they start. It’s easy.

Eating organic, unprocessed, whole foods is vital to your success in losing weight. Dr. D’Brant recommends gluten-free foods to minimize potential allergic responses that can hamper achieving optimum weight loss and maximize absorption of your nutrients.

Why Eating Healthy is Not Enough

Nutritional supplements boost the effects of healthy diet and exercise. Dr. D’Brant has traveled the world in search of the highest quality supplements and protein shakes, and now he’s offering them to you. Snacking can be the hardest part when choosing healthier options. When you’re at work, running around with kids, or on the road, finding a healthy snack can be nearly impossible. But how would you feel knowing you could whip up a delicious chocolate, vanilla, berry or banana shake in 30 seconds, take it to go, and still be true to your nutrition plan? Gluten free or vegan? No problem.

And not all protein shakes are the same. You may find cheaper versions in stores, but their cheaper ingredients will undermine your weight loss efforts and can even add pounds with the added sugars! The high quality proteins in Fit Food shakes help to add and maintain lean body mass while supporting your immune health.

In addition to protein shakes, supplements should be part of your nutrition plan. They boost your absorption of healthy nutrients, maintain healthy body composition, and help to burn fat fast. Dr. D’Brant suggests taking MinRX, ConjuLean, and CarniteX if you want to see the best results in the shortest time.

The Dehydrated Dieter

High quality, pure water and enzymes are essential for weight loss. Supplements help absorb nutrients while drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated and feeling your best. The Institute of Medicine recommends that women get 9 cups (about 2.2 liters) of fluid daily, and you can get 20% of this from organic fruits and vegetables.  Here are some tips to keep you on track:

  • In hot weather or when exercising, increase the amount of water you drink.
  • Alcohol, particularly wine and hard liquor, will dehydrate you (and pack on the belly fat). Increase your water intake or better yet, cut the amount of alcohol you drink back to once a week.
  • Kick the bottled water habit. Filter your tap water to remove impurities and chlorine, and to improve the taste. Go Green Bonus: You’ll reduce the amount of water bottles that end up in the landfills each year.


In addition to your nutrition plan, Dr. D’Brant recommends 4-6 minutes a day of high intensity exercise with an X-Iser®. Visit our exercise page to find out how 4-6 minutes a day could give you the body you’ve been dreaming of.